Yesterday YU-NO was released, which I’ve talked about before, and I’m now in the process of marathoning it.

It works in Virtualbox, but while the picture is 640×400 the resolution of the game is 640×480, so fullscreen at 640×400 shows a black bar and half the picture.

Scale Mode works well. I’m a bit worried about lag though. It’s not a demanding game, but it does have animations sometimes. So far it’s been okay…

wmctrl can scale the window exactly right. For my 1600×900 display:
wmctrl -v -r VirtualBox -e 0,80,-90,1440,1080
It will scale the 640×400 picture to 1440×900. And put the 640×480 (now 1440×1080) window in the center of the screen.

wmctrl needs a hack to work with negative numbers, just comment out these lines:

if (wm_supports(disp, "_NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW")){
return client_msg(disp, win, "_NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW",
grflags, (unsigned long)x, (unsigned long)y, (unsigned long)w, (unsigned long)h);
else {
p_verbose("WM doesn't support _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW. Gravity will be ignored.\n");
// if ((w < 1 || h = 0 && y >= 0)) {
// XMoveWindow(disp, win, x, y);
// }
// else if ((x < 0 || y = 1 && h >= -1)) {
// XResizeWindow(disp, win, w, h);
// }
// else if (x >= 0 && y >= 0 && w >= 1 && h >= 1) {
XMoveResizeWindow(disp, win, x, y, w, h);
// }


Yumihari is on hold during all this. I’m halfway through Chapter 4. Chapter 1-3 are on my mediafire account.
I’ll work on new chapters of Saki and Achiga-hen as soon as they’re released (week 2 of October).
Saki is going very well, really love this series and it’s fun to work on and only takes me a few hours.
Achiga-hen is amazing! I can really recommend it since it’s just started. Even though it’s a lot of work for me, I really hope future chapters will continue to be >40 pages.
A new Hoshikawa Ginza will be released October 12, but the scans won’t be out till 2 weeks after.

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  1. procyon says:

    I finished it 2 days ago and got the last mini end today. (in-game time: 67 hours)

    It was absolutely amazing.

    One linux-related problem I ran into while playing was that VirtualBox 4.1.2(?) had bugs with slowdown/temporary irresponsiveness that YU-NO was very sensitive to. The latest VirtualBox version (4.1.4) fixed these.

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