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Yesterday YU-NO was released, which I’ve talked about before, and I’m now in the process of marathoning it. It works in Virtualbox, but while the picture is 640×400 the resolution of the game is 640×480, so fullscreen at 640×400 shows … Continue reading

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Small updates

hayanyuu I will post new versions of Hayanyuu on the forums: So far it’s just fixing the UI. It can search English meaning too now. mplayer I’ve made a small .cue reader / player. It’s not interactive. You have … Continue reading

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Hayanyuu: Limitations

I had another idea for Hayanyuu where the compound search mode was integrated with the regular mode. And where you don’t have to type aliases but where you selected categories. E.g. instead of typing hito for the group of radicals … Continue reading

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Hayanyuu version 2

Download: I added the compound search. It’s still a little buggy. Especially visually. But it works. It’s already saved me a bit from having to draw kanji. How it works: Hayanyuu will download edict2 and radkfile. The prompt appears … Continue reading

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Simple Japanese IME: hayanyuu

The IME is about done. It will download edict2 automatically to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/hayanyuu It needs kakasi-cvs for UTF8 conversion of hiragana -> katakana. It no longer needs mecab. Instead the usage is a little different: Let’s say you want to … Continue reading

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Fullscreen IME preview

I have made a small start to the IME. What I would like to have is a “fullscreen IME”. So a stand alone application and not something that has to link in to another process’s text input system. That way … Continue reading

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Here is what I am planning on doing / have done recently: Games: As a kid I played a lot of a computer racing board game series on the MSX called Rune Master. Take a look at a gameplay video: … Continue reading

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Preview: Japanese Radical Tutor

About something I’m writing to write and learn Japanese.

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About gaming, a monitoring app, an mpd client and a file manager. (no actual code)

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Board game: Force field mages

A board game with force fields and mages

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