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Small updates

hayanyuu I will post new versions of Hayanyuu on the forums: So far it’s just fixing the UI. It can search English meaning too now. mplayer I’ve made a small .cue reader / player. It’s not interactive. You have … Continue reading

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About gaming, a monitoring app, an mpd client and a file manager. (no actual code)

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Bash system monitor

So far as a system monitor I used a heavily edited pyampc. I thought it would be cool to have a system monitor in bash, and separate the mpd stuff. That way I can redo the mpd client in a … Continue reading

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Music Player I

I wrote an mpd client once. It’s called pyampc and it’s in C.C. I still use it but I edited it a lot since the last update to suite my needs. So it’s become too idiosyncratic to post updates on. … Continue reading

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