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Yesterday YU-NO was released, which I’ve talked about before, and I’m now in the process of marathoning it. It works in Virtualbox, but while the picture is 640×400 the resolution of the game is 640×480, so fullscreen at 640×400 shows … Continue reading

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Hayanyuu version 2

Download: I added the compound search. It’s still a little buggy. Especially visually. But it works. It’s already saved me a bit from having to draw kanji. How it works: Hayanyuu will download edict2 and radkfile. The prompt appears … Continue reading

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Fullscreen IME preview

I have made a small start to the IME. What I would like to have is a “fullscreen IME”. So a stand alone application and not something that has to link in to another process’s text input system. That way … Continue reading

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Here is what I am planning on doing / have done recently: Games: As a kid I played a lot of a computer racing board game series on the MSX called Rune Master. Take a look at a gameplay video: … Continue reading

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