Browser I

After reading the Arch philosophy applied to a browser thread, I had an idea for a browser.

It’s not yet something that really has taken shape so I couldn’t really post about it.

What I had in mind is a directory tree where you load processed sites in. Kind of like ii, the IRC client from

As for parsing, it’d be great to have a program analyze the structure of html files for getting a text file with one entry (post/menu/list item) per line for instance.

I have worked on a html parser using python’s htmllib, but it wasn’t a big success.

I think curl is great (easier than python urllib2) for getting pages and making requests. xml2 in AUR has html2 that can be used for analysis, although I have my doubts about the usefulness of the obscure output (writing a substitute is the next step in this project).

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Planet Lander I

Here’s a game idea I have that needs a 3D engine which I’m not yet going to delve in.

The idea is basically to take the space sim realism of Frontier Elite II and add a small build-your-own-farm game. So, you start on an asteroid in the asteroid belt with a space ship and when you grow something to sell you load it up and fly to Earth or Mars or a space station. The fun being in upgrading your farm and descending into the atmosphere of a planet.

No weapons, No aliens, No hyperdrives, …

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Roguelikes I

So I want to write some roguelikes. I have several ideas for some that I will start posting about later.

One thing that really bothers me is automation vs character control.

Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl has macros that make life easier. In Dwarf Fortress you don’t even control a single character.

An example of the other is Urban Terror where you can dance around the entire map.

Automation applies really well to turn based games like roguelikes. And it becomes more and more necessary as without the conveniences you’re used to you will quickly grow bored. I haven’t heard of UrT-like control in roguelikes, well it doesn’t really apply itself well to a dungeon.

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edict2 Quiz I

I have been working on some Japanese learning tools using edict2.

The first thing I want to write is a quiz for multi-kanji words. A bit like the Slime Forest demo, with small groups of questions at a time.

For making a quiz the convenient thing about multi-kanji words is that you can categorize by starting kanji. For 2 kanji words the biggest group has 475 members.

I tested for a while with a small quiz in Bash and it worked quite well. For example:

$ ./kanjiquiz 亜
:: GROUP 1/3 ::
Pronounce 亜群
: agun
    Correct! It means
    (n) subgroup
Pronounce 亜聖
: asei
    Correct! It means
    (n) sage of the second order
Pronounce 亜族
    No, it should be azoku
Pronounce 亜鈴
: ?
    亜 {Asia} {rank next} {come after} {-ous}
    鈴 {small bell} {buzzer}
    arei - /(n) dumbbell/
Pronounce 亜流

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Welcome to my blog.

I will mostly write about programs I am going to write and put on Community Contributions on the Arch Forums (if they are appropriate for that).

Everything will probably be in Python ncurses or bash.

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