Recent Desktop

All the configurations are avaiable on my site:

In this shot, I have my minimal conky config in the top left. Top right is trayer. The bottom panel is called tint. The terminal is urxvt with screen running. The program visible is ncmpcpp. Again, all the configs are aviable on my site.  Comment if you need anything.

Update Script

This is an update script that I borrowed, modified and used for myself. I thought I might just share it:

# Arch Update</code>
# Colors
# Check for root
if [ $(whoami) != "root" ]; then
echo -e $red"error:$reset you cannot perform this operation unless you are root."
exit 1
# Update
echo -e "$blue:: Syncing ABS $reset"
abs &gt; /dev/null
pacman -Syy
yaourt -Syu --aur --noconfirm
echo -e "$blue:: Updating mlocate database $reset"
echo -e "$green:: System update complete $reset"
exit 0

Requiem for a Dream Repository

What is it?

A small repository including lots of cool stuff. This repository will be ideal for any linux user. It is also encouraged for you, the user of the repository to request any fairly sized package you like to be in the repository. It will be updated once a week, or whenever major updates come out for anything on the repository. So please, request any packages you would like to see in the repository.

What packages are their?

Great question! The package list, up to date to the second is available on

Woah, your a champ! How do I install this?

Easy as cheese: Add the following to your /etc/pacman.conf:

# Repository made by haxit | Contact: requiem [at] for package suggestions!
Server =

Thats it, thats all. Have fun and enjoy.


Well, well, well. This is my blog. I will be posting here. I cannot promise it will be useful but it will be somewhat intresting.