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Luna Element

I have been working on a GTK theme port of one of my favorite msstyles called Luna Element, look it up at deviant art ‘cus it’s 8 in the morning and I don’t feel like opening an extra tab :p. Anyways since this is my first stab at a GTK theme I of course would need to see someone elses to get started and I chose the XP 2002 theme since almost everything in in was the same size as the pictures in the msstyle.

I extracted the msstyle using Restorator 2007 in Wine on my Arch laptop which was the easiest thing in the world. After that I just used gimp to edit the pictures I needed and replace them in with the older ones in the XP 2002 theme. So far it’s going great and I think it’s straying away from the default XP 2002 theme and actually looking like something else. :) Screenshot