More About The Coolest Guy On Earth

Hey guys, girls, and everyone else in between and around the edges, My name is Juan and I am and a devout Arch Linux user if this blog hasn’t said that already. I am new to this blog thing so if you see something you shouldn’t then close your eyes.

I am currently going to high school and this August will be my Senior year! (Can’t wait to start picking {on} the ripe freshmen) I plan to go to GA Tech and major in some kind of computer engineering preferably something with Cell development. David A. Bader is my hero over there and it would be an honor to meet him.

I enjoy playing video games, whether it be on my computer or PS3. I can safely call myself a hardcore gamer since I did get carpal tunnel syndrome from playing too much Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare but have toned it down a bit to fit my ever so changing lifestyle. Along with video games I do have some sport in me and like to wrestle, high school of course. I also play soccer and chess.

I discovered Arch when I was looking for something a bit easier than Gentoo, and I was coming from Fedora so that was a hard search. I previously installed Arch about 3 times but then chickened out and went back to Fedora because I couldn’t get X to start. Now that I understand Linux better than before I am happily using Arch ever since I actually decided to keep it about 5 months ago. Since then I haven’t thought of switching, maybe for a Fedora release but that’s it. I actually started with Yellow Dog on my PS3 and that pulled me in and showed me the light.

Hope this has been a good start to my blog.

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