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What a Giant Hiatus

Well, I’m back to using Arch again on my 3 year old laptop. This thing has gone through thick and thin with me. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve installed Fedora on it. Probably the first one was Fedora 8. The main reason I went with Fedora was because they were the first ones to include the experimental rtl8187 module into their kernel which is what my computers wireless “intigrated” adapter uses. Its not so experimental after 3 years anymore :p Anyways I digress.

The main reason I left Arch was because 1) Windows 7 came out and 2) stupid engineering classes demanded windows only applications like Revit Architecture and Inventor. I can’t wait ’til I go to college so I don’t have to sacrifice my stuff for work when I can use the schools computers. Hopefully I will get in Georgia Tech next year since I missed application deadlines this year in January. Oh well, more time to pull my horrible GPA up and have some more chances with other scholarships.

One interesting thing that I found when I came back to Arch was that… well actually nothing changed. I thought that by the time I came back that hal would have been let go by xorg and the kernel. But I guessed wrong.

That’s all I have to say about everything right now since I’m still catching up. Oh, yaourt got some new added features like deleting makedepends for you. That’s all I can remember :)

Luna Element

I have been working on a GTK theme port of one of my favorite msstyles called Luna Element, look it up at deviant art ‘cus it’s 8 in the morning and I don’t feel like opening an extra tab :p. Anyways since this is my first stab at a GTK theme I of course would need to see someone elses to get started and I chose the XP 2002 theme since almost everything in in was the same size as the pictures in the msstyle.

I extracted the msstyle using Restorator 2007 in Wine on my Arch laptop which was the easiest thing in the world. After that I just used gimp to edit the pictures I needed and replace them in with the older ones in the XP 2002 theme. So far it’s going great and I think it’s straying away from the default XP 2002 theme and actually looking like something else. :) Screenshot

Say Cheese!


Well I haven’t done it in a while so I guess this would be a good place to show how I pimped my Arch out. It’s pretty cool how people can get inventive with these things and I commemorate their imaginations for providing these really cool themes. I can’t forget about compiz-fusion either; it whoops Vista Aero booty.

Hello world!

Well, guess this is my first post. It’s pretty ironic too because I’m watching a King of The Hill episode that is ripping on blogging too… what a coincidence. Anyways I am very thankful to crouse for this blog. I will use it wisely…. Later!