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Yesterday I got to a strange situation with Marking songs as loved worked well, scrobbling not. Firstly I thought that I need to install some package, but it didn’t help. So I deleted .kde4/share/apps/amarok, but nothing changed.

Today I turned on the official client for GNU/Linux which finally told me where the problem lays – time synchronization. I had a wrong date setup in my computer. OMG… Nor Amarok, nor VLC player told me…

I will probably write a feature suggestion to the devs. And I will mention it in Archlinux wiki.

Alsa or Amarok… What is worse?

After wining my fight with Alsa I had a long time with my Arch without any problems.

And today? The Amarok stopped working. Again. I am really sick of solving these problems with it, but still it is the best in-Qt-written music player I know. And I have my database, with rating of my songs.

So I started solving this mystery…

When I started Amarok from the Konsole, it ended with some Dbus error.

I, personally, thought, that Amarok had some problem with scripts, as usual.

So I tried fighting with it, I removed the config files and folders. With clear config Amarok worked well. But when I tried to import my rating database, it stopped working again. I was really furious about it and I knew, that I cannot find better player.

So I tried to delete the config again a again. And then I saw a config file for KWallet, which wasn’t working for me, too. I hadn’t have time to solve it earlier, so I tried to delete its config files, too.

And after clicking on Amarok button on my panel, Amarok asked for KWallet and both started working. But I really don’t know, where the problem was… Not with D-Bus or scripts as usually, but KWallet, which I had never (until today :-)) used.

ALSA, my worst enemy…

Such a little mistake and you have a huge trouble… I love computers… Continue reading ‘ALSA, my worst enemy…’ »

print "Hello world! Staerseus is here!"

So even I have my Linux blog. Clap your hands :-) This is my second blog – my first is on, but I wrote there personally thoughts and in Czech, so I’ve decided to have a second one. And who doesn’t want to blog on this good address.

I want to write here my perceptions about Linux, pardon GNU/Linux, especially about Archlinux :-)

So I think that I should start with describing my lovely…

…laptop :-)

Intel Core2Duo, 3 GB RAM, 4500 MHD GM45 Intel graphic card and big, 250 GB HDD, still… But I am thinking of buying a SSD disc, for fast boots :-)

I am sixteen years old, I live in Prague, in small and lovely Czech republic in Central Europe. I have my dreams and my computer, which consumes a lot of my time. I like technology, Internet, books, traditional and modern art (but I really don’t like Manga :-)).

Someday, I want to become an IT specialist or a designer or photographer. But I also like science, chemistry, so I really don’t know, what life I’ll live.

I’ve used GNU/Linux since the October of 2008. I started on Ubuntu 8.10, after 9.04 I moved to Archlinux, which is my main and the only distro. And I am really glad for making this change :-)

But I am in a hurry for today, see you!