The Wiki of Fedora Project

I have to say since I am a new contributor to the Fedora Project. I find the Wiki to be a bit daunting and complex. As I have seen some contributors want to focus the purpose of the wiki in the Fedora Project. Now being a ArchLinux user, I know they are much smaller project but still their wiki is excellent. Very well laid out for documentation and help. I find the wiki for Fedora is a mix of documentation and everything else lumped together. So i seen some of the guys in the Infrastructure team will try to more tightly focus things in the Fedora Project. So i guess this be a good place to find more ways to contribute to Fedora. As I believe in its easy to point out the problem what about making solutions.


  1. Mel Chua says:

    Do you have a suggestion for how the wiki could be better organized? It’s always a challenge to make a simple navigation pathway through a large amount of complicated material that changes very quickly. Actually, new contributors are usually better at doing this than experienced ones, because experienced contributors are used to getting around a messy wiki. :) So you’ll probably have some good ideas for this that we have not thought of!

  2. tajidinabd says:

    Well for example its better that Fedora Project organize the content into 3 categories How-To’s/Tutorials, Fedora Sub-Projects(content that is for internal use with the Infrastructure team) for example, and then Main Documentation things like the “How do I get involved” “Join the Fedora Project” “Interact with the Fedora Community”. If you look at this So thats my 3 main areas where everything could be put under. As far as the users personal pages i guess we could put that in a fourth area. What do you think.

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