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This is an excellent little program called itools that I have used for a few years that reminds me of the prayer times. Basically its a set of tools that gives you a listing of the daily 5 prayers. It converts the Gregorian calender to the Islamic calender. It has an calender program that displays the months in the Islamic year. Lastly an reminder that tells you when to start fasting. This is very good cause next week is the holy month of Ramadan begins so all of us muslims will be fasting all day long. Inshallah
here is the first little tool called idate that converts from Gregorian to Islamic

[tajidin@fedora-ws ~]$ idate
Date Format (dd/mm/yyyy):
+ Input : 6/ 8/2010 - Friday(Fri) - August(Aug)
+ Output : 25/ 8/1431 A.H - Jumaa(Jum) - Shaaban(Sha)

so you can see today is Friday in the Gregorian calender. Today is Jumaa in the Islamic calender
25 Shaaban 1431 A.H. which means after Hijra.

the next one is the ical which displays the month

[tajidin@fedora-ws ~]$ ical
Shaaban 1431 (A.H)
S Ah I T Ar K J
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 [25]
26 27 28 29

From the previous example you see the date

the next tool is called ipraytime that shows the 5 daily prayer times. With this tool I had to pull some information as far as Latitude and Longitude for my city which is Mainz, Germany and set the other variables like UTC also the you see the direction which i must fast towards when I pray called the Qibla. Which is the holy city of Mecca in Saudia Arabia. So to get these times is a complex amount of mathematical formulas to calculate.

[tajidin@fedora-ws ~]$ ipraytime

Prayer schedule for,
City : Mainz
Latitude : 50' 00' 00" N
Longitude : 8' 09' 00" E
Angle Method : University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (Shaf'i)
TimeZone : UTC+1.0
Qibla : 127' 16' 54" E of true North

Date Fajr Shorooq Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
[06-08-2010] 4:12 6:02 1:32 5:37 9:01 10:43

Today's Imsaak : 3:56
Tomorrow's Imsaak : 3:59
Tomorrow's Fajr : 4:14

the last tool is called ireminder
which displays notices that are upcoming like when you are suppose to start fasting for the day.

[tajidin@fedora-ws ~]$ ireminder
[ireminder] NOTE - Next event 'imsaak' is at 3:59

This is very good tool to use with conky for example you can have the 4 commands information displayed in many programs. Next time Inshallah i will show this used with conky for example with the 5 daily prayers.

I am still waiting to get this tool in the Fedora project my Package Review is waiting to be looked over. So I hope to have this and more tools in the Fedora Project in the upcoming weeks. Inshallah

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