Mentoring Programs in the Open Source World

Well as a CS student at my local community college here in Lakewood, Colorado. I noticed in my CS class that I amĀ  the only black man in the class. I was curious how come the Open Source World did not reach out to more urban males? I have been in touch with some good people at GNOME in particular the OPW program which is for women. Now they have given me good advice to look at GSOC. Can I ask why is there not a similar program for minorities I know this may not apply to all countries. I am talking in particular the US where I am based at. I have in the past been a contributor to Fedora and Arch Linux. I would like some more feedback on any programs for CS majors like myself or even school age children from the inner-city. This is good way to spark interest in the next generation of software engineers.


  1. I don’t think there’s any particularly good reason why not, I just think no-one got around to it yet. The lack of women is probably the most ‘visible’ problem, so it got the attention first – and even there, OPW is a pretty new program. Have you suggested to the OPW organizers that they look at the possibility of having similar programs for ethnic minorities?

    • tajidinabd says:

      Yes I have been in touch with some of the organizers of OPW about this and they did give me few options to look as for myself and possibly for children who have an an interest in CS.

  2. Michael says:

    I thinks its a fair question, but at same time you have to lead on this issue one of the ways you could lead is to start a blog or website that calls to young and old or no age limit to discuss opportunities, or lack of. Now in your area have you talked to anyone in the Indian reservations if they are interested in creating a forum for open source in their communtiy.

    • tajidinabd says:

      God willing that is my vision is to have a open source company that will bring in other people and educate a segment of the population on FOSS. As for now it is in the beginning but does not only have to be. It could be beneficial to other FOSS organization to reach out also, that would be good to have new generation of contributors that come from a different background. Correct??

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