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Mentoring Programs in the Open Source World

Well as a CS student at my local community college here in Lakewood, Colorado. I noticed in my CS class that I amĀ  the only black man in the class. I was curious how come the Open Source World did not reach out to more urban males? I have been in touch with some good people at GNOME in particular the OPW program which is for women. Now they have given me good advice to look at GSOC. Can I ask why is there not a similar program for minorities I know this may not apply to all countries. I am talking in particular the US where I am based at. I have in the past been a contributor to Fedora and Arch Linux. I would like some more feedback on any programs for CS majors like myself or even school age children from the inner-city. This is good way to spark interest in the next generation of software engineers.

Canonical puts their special touch on multitouch

Just after the issue a few weeks ago about how much Canonical contributes upstream to Gnome. They did break thru with a multitouch technology. Seems as though they will put a copyright on this new technology they have broken thru on. So it seems like they want to protect what they figured out and not release this sans copyright. If you take a look at Chris Douglas comment in regards to copyright. So again this puts into question what is Canonicals intentions in the future in regard to Open Source. How committed are they to contributing upstream. This is a good chance to show their good will. This is very good technology that could be implemented into Open Source world. In my opinion it would be a shame if they truly decide to keep this copyrighted. As some of the comments points out some the libraries will be copyrighted which will be needed, so makes it useless for GNOME due to possible legal issues later in the future.

Spin the Tale of Ojuba

I see that in Fedora Land we have many Fedora based distributions and spins. This one is called Ojuba its an Arabic language based from Fedora. Now granted me being native English speaker i know is weird but since I am learning arabic this is very good to see. I see these brothers are from Jordan and made available of lot of tools in there distro. I hope in the future I can work with them to bring some of their packages to Fedora. I seen that made available an 64 bit version also along with the usual 32bit version on Aug 6, 2010.
So far its been good to contribute to the Fedora Project i was successful in my few weeks to contribute 2 packages so far one called itools and faenza-icon-theme. So I hope to see them in stable soon enough.