Hello world!

There it is, my first blog ever.

I was already thinking about somehow writing down some of my experiences with computing in general and Linux in particular when crouse started offering blogs on this website. Being a very satisfied Arch Linux user since early 2008, I didn’t have to think twice about this generous offer. My name associated with my favourite Linux distribution? Why not!

What this blog is about

As I already denoted above, this blog is supposed to be about (in my eyes) notable experiences with computing in general and Linux (especially Arch) in particular. Since I started getting involved with Linux (I think it was 2002/2003) I got more and more disappointed about window$. I’m rather sure this will shine through in some of my posts, so if you’re a huge fan of that operating system from Redmond and don’t want to hear anything negative about it, please don’t read the posts tagged “Window$ sucks”.

With software engineering being not only my profession, but also my passion, many posts will introduce scripts or programs I wrote or maybe even some teaching about a specific programming language feature I find interesting. These will most probably be interesting primarily to me, but hey, maybe someone else will learn a little as well :)

My way to Arch Linux

Originating from a tiny town in the heart of Germany, I never had regular access to the internet until I started studying computer sciences in late 2001 and moved to a larger city. Thus, I never knew that there were other operating systems than window$ out there and spent my time either playing video games or frustradedly reinstalling / tweaking window$…

Then a fellow student showed me Linux and I was immediately enthusiastic about having so much influence on an operating system’s graphical representation and the ability to configure and control the system through the console. He installed Suse on a spare partition and I started going my first steps into the Linux world.

Only few months passed until I noticed that I didn’t learn enough about this exciting new operating system because it took too much from my hands. So I settled over to Debian for a year or so. However, that distribution felt too conservative after a while. That’s when I tried out gentoo, which taught me a lot about how Linux works, especially by forcing me to compile my own kernel.

Eventually, gentoo took too much of my time during my studies, but I hadn’t discovered a new distribution to use yet and I didn’t have much time to test a new distribution either. When I purchased a netbook I tried Arch on it and what should I say? I didn’t have any reason complain and don’t have one until now.

So this is about it… my introductory post. I hope I didn’t bore you and you at least consider coming back.

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