An Arch Linux xdm theme

Today I finalized a PKGBUILD for Xappe‘s Arch Linux xdm theme, which I find really nice. For those who don’t know, xdm is a very minimal (and usually ugly) graphical login manager for the X window system. It has very few dependencies and low hardware requirements, making it a good choice for low-end environments or minimalism freaks like myself…

Xappe presented his theme on the Arch Linux Boards where I saw it and tried it out immediately. I was annoyed by gdm’s many dependencies anyway… Following the “true” Arch way, I created a simple PKGBUILD, enabling me to install and uninstall it via Arch’s package manager pacman. After having posted it in the aforementioned thread, Xappe drew my attention to the missing dependency on the imagemagick library.

So I started overhauling the PKGBUILD and the package at the same time. imagemagick is a rather large library, which I didn’t find suitable for a theme to such a minimalistic login manager. That’s why I modified the theme so that it automatically tries to set the background with imagemagick, feh and xloadimage which are all optional dependencies to the package now. If none of these are available, it will just set a black background without emitting an error.

You can find the package at the Arch User Repository and the thread on which it was originally posted on the Arch Linux Boards.

Have fun!

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