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Distributing configuration files 2: Cygwin hassles and Vim

Today’s topic is the first continuation of Distributing configuration files and as the title already denotes, it is concerned with Vim, specifically with using it in heterogenous environments (read: Linux and window$/Cygwin).

Unfortunately, the window$ version of Vim searches different paths for configuration files than the Linux version does. That means that even though there probably is a git version for window$, it won’t help us much as window$ doesn’t know softlinks. So we must use a little trick…

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Distributing configuration files

Wow, what a title for a blog entry… I hope the entry itself can live up to the generated expectations :D So, what I want to talk about is how to use the same configuration files for programs I use everyday – such as bash, vim or ssh, just to name a few – in different places:

  • My PC at home
  • My laptop
  • My girlfriend’s PC (also running Arch, of course) on which I regularly need to do administrative work
  • The Arch live system on a USB stick
  • My PC at work

Now, in each of these work places, I regularly modify configurations or even add new ones. What has always bugged me is that I have a hard time synchronizing these changes. So I thought: How about employing a revisioning system to do the work for me?

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Long time no see

Wow, I haven’t updated this blog for a long time… I’ve been on holidays in Bulgaria in the midst of September, then we did the most rushed move in the history of flats (thanks to all our friends who helped us), which was immediately followed by a month of furnishing/unpacking the new flat. What happened between July and September? I don’t know… must’ve been some sort of time hole.

However, the flat is now pretty much livable, though far from being completely furnished. Luckily, I do have some time updating the blog again. So brace yourself, new experiences coming in. Have fun!