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Long time no see

Wow, I haven’t updated this blog for a long time… I’ve been on holidays in Bulgaria in the midst of September, then we did the most rushed move in the history of flats (thanks to all our friends who helped us), which was immediately followed by a month of furnishing/unpacking the new flat. What happened between July and September? I don’t know… must’ve been some sort of time hole.

However, the flat is now pretty much livable, though far from being completely furnished. Luckily, I do have some time updating the blog again. So brace yourself, new experiences coming in. Have fun!

The "Please don't crash" button…

Today I was sighing out loud at work when the window$ explorer crashed once more unexpectedly… My colleague laughed and then told me about something I took for a joke at first… He said there was a an option in the window$ explorer which would stop it from crashing. I laughed out and inquired how that option was supposed to be named? The “Please don’t crash” button?

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Getting Arch on USB: A journey

This week I decided to finally realise something I had planned for a rather long time… buy a USB stick and install Arch on it. Now, enthusiastic as I might be towards Linux generally and Arch specifically, I’m not as blind not to know that most people I want to get data to or from are using window$.

So I decided that the stick should be partitioned in three partitions: One to hold Arch, one (potentially encrypted) home partition and a large FAT32 partition, which is supposed to be accessible from various operating systems. Never having installed Linux on a USB stick before (except with a premade image file), I reckoned that this would take some time. I was wrong… not with the fact that it would take long, but with what exactly would take long.

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