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The "Please don't crash" button…

Today I was sighing out loud at work when the window$ explorer crashed once more unexpectedly… My colleague laughed and then told me about something I took for a joke at first… He said there was a an option in the window$ explorer which would stop it from crashing. I laughed out and inquired how that option was supposed to be named? The “Please don’t crash” button?

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Getting Arch on USB: A journey

This week I decided to finally realise something I had planned for a rather long time… buy a USB stick and install Arch on it. Now, enthusiastic as I might be towards Linux generally and Arch specifically, I’m not as blind not to know that most people I want to get data to or from are using window$.

So I decided that the stick should be partitioned in three partitions: One to hold Arch, one (potentially encrypted) home partition and a large FAT32 partition, which is supposed to be accessible from various operating systems. Never having installed Linux on a USB stick before (except with a premade image file), I reckoned that this would take some time. I was wrong… not with the fact that it would take long, but with what exactly would take long.

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