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arch sandbox testing

I am installing Archlinux in Virtualbox, once again, just keep my toes in the water. With a rolling release distribution like Arch, a person will typically install the os just once. All you have to do is Pacman -Syu after that to keep up to date.

So I install, an arch base system. Then comes followed by any number of desktop managers. Some tiling, some windowed (like kde 4!). This time around I installed xfce4. I use xfce on my desktop machine so I thought I would give it a go.

When you just update your machine (like I do on my desktop) you miss out on the layout changes. Xfce 4.6.1 no longer uses the two panel design, but instead it uses just one panel at the bottom with only the most common plugins. I find this to be a cheap way out. EVERY other linux and not to mention windows uses a one panel approach: fluxbox, kde, jwm, et cetera.

I’ll post a screenie when i find the time. I also just installed the windows 7 RC on my laptop. You’re thinking, “No Linux on the Laptop?”. No, my laptop doesn’t play well with any kind of linux and to be honest I like how the trackpad works with windows (alps trackpad) better than in linux.

stupid laggyness…

It was my own fault.

You ever find yourself relearning things after you have stopped doing the action for a while. To put it into perspective, today I installed regnum online (again) and tried playing it. Two seconds into gameplay, it was lagging terribly. I could barely shut the game down!

The solution you ask? WELL… Just remember to turn OFF compositing before starting up any opengl games. XFCE will have to deal with it for now. lol


last night, I experienced an urge to shave my head. I have done so, and now I can’t stop touching the minisqule hairs. MMMM clean…

anyone else like to shave their heads from time to time?

print("Hello, world!")

This is The Ringmaster’s first trial post here on The blog is obviously powered by wordpress. I don’t know wiether or not this is a locally hosted wordpress blog or if it is from’s service.

Any woot, indeed I could use this new method of communication to sing the praises of my beloved Archlinux. I could do that. Yes it is clear to me now. That has been my life’s calling all along………. wait…. no….. that was just gas. :P

Have a laugh or maybe a cry, but The Ringmaster is here to stay and for good too.

P.S. thank you Dave Crouse for giving me this opportunity to express my love for Archlinux; if Arch hadn’t come into my view, I would be floating in the pool of ubuntu with all the other fat and smelly children still to this day.