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This is The Ringmaster’s first trial post here on The blog is obviously powered by wordpress. I don’t know wiether or not this is a locally hosted wordpress blog or if it is from’s service.

Any woot, indeed I could use this new method of communication to sing the praises of my beloved Archlinux. I could do that. Yes it is clear to me now. That has been my life’s calling all along………. wait…. no….. that was just gas. :P

Have a laugh or maybe a cry, but The Ringmaster is here to stay and for good too.

P.S. thank you Dave Crouse for giving me this opportunity to express my love for Archlinux; if Arch hadn’t come into my view, I would be floating in the pool of ubuntu with all the other fat and smelly children still to this day.

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  1. crouse says:

    Rofl :)

    fwiw, the application is hosted locally.

    EMAIL DOES NOT WORK ;) (yes, that’s intentional)

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