arch sandbox testing

I am installing Archlinux in Virtualbox, once again, just keep my toes in the water. With a rolling release distribution like Arch, a person will typically install the os just once. All you have to do is Pacman -Syu after that to keep up to date.

So I install, an arch base system. Then comes followed by any number of desktop managers. Some tiling, some windowed (like kde 4!). This time around I installed xfce4. I use xfce on my desktop machine so I thought I would give it a go.

When you just update your machine (like I do on my desktop) you miss out on the layout changes. Xfce 4.6.1 no longer uses the two panel design, but instead it uses just one panel at the bottom with only the most common plugins. I find this to be a cheap way out. EVERY other linux and not to mention windows uses a one panel approach: fluxbox, kde, jwm, et cetera.

I’ll post a screenie when i find the time. I also just installed the windows 7 RC on my laptop. You’re thinking, “No Linux on the Laptop?”. No, my laptop doesn’t play well with any kind of linux and to be honest I like how the trackpad works with windows (alps trackpad) better than in linux.

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