Wanna Know about The Ringmaster?

I, The Ringmaster, was born in Fair Banks, Alaska at the Fort Wainwright Military Hospital on the first of December in the year of our Lord 1990. My mother had been in the service for about a year and a half before I was born. I stayed in Alaska until my first birthday, when my parents moved back to be with family here in Northern Illinois. My childhood was spent in a couple of towns, namely Lena and Freeport; I have been in Freeport for the longest period of time. Those were the days to remember. I was so young and yet I thought I knew so much.

I did my schooling in Freeport, and the experience I had there was fairly normal. I had some really good memories in middle school and junior high. Those school years were the most carefree of any year I’ve had so far. Early on during my sophomore year, I switched to partake in homeschooling. It was more like me alone, teaching myself. I had to be strict, or else people might think I was slacking off. I am not a slacker. A couple of months into homeschooling, I had the opportunity to get my GED. The courses were at the local Community College. The test itself, half of it anyway, had to be taken in Stockton, Illinois. Door quickly opened for me after I got my GED. They opened before I got my degree to be honest with you; I was taking classes in Computer Technology.

and here I sit writing this prose for you all to read. I’ll be back on this page adding and editing periodically.

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