Forensic Analysis of a Blackberry

Recently I had an investigation come up that was outside of what the Forensic community would consider the norm.  I am investigating a blackberry for malicious activity or software with no concern for illegal or immoral pictures, emails, videos etc..  Most software packages currently available are for locating the employ who is getting ready to get the pink slip.

With all that being said I could not use Paraben’s products or ABC Amber Blackberry Converter as they are just concerned with retrieving data and not with the activities of the software on the system.

Here is what I have found so far.

Blackberry Security: Ripe for the picking

Attack surface analysis of Blackberry

Guidelines on Cellphone forensics

PDA Forensics

Forensic Examination of a RIM device

After all that much of it had nothing to do with what I needed.  The first two were good Symantec papers.  The first being pulled by Symantec after one day of being online.  It was put up by Milw0rm a short time later.

Well that’s all for now.  I’ll post the some step-by-step shortly.

Mobile Phone Forensics & PDA Forensics Links

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