Nessus Beta training

Tenable Network Security has started training via at-home style training.  Now while this doesn’t amount to a direct Archlinux post it does involve Arch in that many Arch users have installed or used Nessus in the past.

First my feelings on the Nessus training and the upcoming certifications that will be available. While everyone is doing it should they jump on board?  Does it really bring a value added resource to the community?  I’m not sure.  Many IT professionals are currently down on certifications.  While I would say that Nessus training is important I believe many will look down on another certification thrown in the ring.

With that being said: I say why not?  Qualys has a certification that is worthless.  I have it and the test along with the training was a joke.  The training I got from Nessus was decent and just as good if not better compared to what I had received from Qualys in person.  I started looking forward to the possibility of getting a Tenable certification and will watch the situation closely.

Though it was online and very basic I learned some things that I had not known. I was really impressed with the features of Nessus.  I have the book and I have used it, but I have only done the basics.  The training that I took (just the Fundamentals course) really opened my eyes to what it really is capable of.  Now if I only had another hour in the day or one more day in the week I would be set.

The training overall was very good.  The cons I would say are that it is extremely bandwidth intensive.  The training uses Adobe Captivate.  The program I was informed had a tendency to play the audio out of sync.  And it did.  Sometimes not even playing at all.  I tried at home during non-peak hours and it was fine.  So…    I also found that the tests had some input type questions that were having an issue with correct answers.  It seemed that I could not find the correct spacing for the answer and some were unclear about exactly what they wanted.  i.e. did it use the nasl module name or the nasl plugin number?  I tried cutting and pasting directly out of the nasl description and it didn’t help me.  I informed the moderator and he was looking into it.

The only aspect of the training that I would say should be worked in the future is the speaker.  His voice was monotone and it seemed as if he was reading a paper.  I know how hard it can be to produce a quality presentation with no audience so it may be something that just requires a bit of practice and work.

But coming from a Beta training I was really impressed.  Most Beta tests are clunky and constantly having issues.  This training had two tests out of I believe five that I felt had issues and they were very limited.  I definately did not expect the level of polish that it had.

Tenable was VERY responsive to my emails.  I generally got responses within the hour and they were very excited about any feedback they received.  I have taken online courses before where they didn’t care how it turned out.  They were not at all like that.

From my current experience I would recommend the training, but my experience with their training is limited to this single course.  I would love to see more from them in the future and glancing around the website it really looks as if that is planned.  So if you use Nessus or plan on it in the future I would recommend you keep an eye on their site.

I have been told that I will be included in an future training.  I would be happy to share my feelings on that as well.  When I get the next notice that the training is made available I will post it.  Unfortunately they only take the first 25 to email for the training.  I am thinking about creating a little flash presentation of my own slides, but again that will require a few more hours that I don’t have.

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