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tl;dr: Why systemd?


  • systemd is a system and service manager for Linux, compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts.
  • It can act as a drop-in replacement for SysVinit.
  • Arch Linux will eventually fully migrate to systemd.


  • When it’s ready. For the foreseeable future, both SysVinit and systemd will be supported.

(From tomegun @ Arch Forums)

  • It’s hot-pluggable.
  • It tracks all daemons and processes.
  • It’s modular.
  • It makes better use of udev and dbus.
  • It reduces dependencies between daemons.
  • It’s easier to sandbox configuration options.
  • It’s a cross-distro project.
  • It can use distro-independent service files.
  • It uses logind to properly manage user sessions.
  • It’s faster or just as fast as SysVinit for most users. Writing for hackers

Just recently heard of – a pastebin services that converts markdown formatted files from into HTML.

Useful for those times you want to quickly share info that’s off-topic to your blog and to an audience of non manpage readers. Why markdown? It’s prettier than plain text and syntactically much simpler than html. GitHub users should like this.