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Setting up eggdrop

Eggdrop is an open source IRC bot. Since no ArchWiki article exists for eggdrop, here’s a quick getting started guide.

Download the aur eggdrop package:

$ yaourt -S eggdrop

Copy the configuration file to a local directory:

# mkdir ~/.eggdrop
# cp /etc/eggdrop.conf ~/.eggdrop

Modify ~/.eggdrop/eggdrop.conf using the eggdrop wiki as a guide:

Start eggdrop:

cd ~/.eggdrop
eggdrop eggdrop.conf

Message your bot from your IRC client to setup an admin password:

/msg YourBotsName hello

Control your bot by via DCC:

/ctcp YourBotsName chat
/dcc chat YourBotsName

To start eggdrop when you startx, add to ~/.xinitrc:

cd ~/.eggdrop && eggdrop eggdrop.conf &