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Fixing Cousine from ttf-google-webfonts

This refers to the latest ttf-google-webfonts aur package (version: 2369-1, revision: f50f26f0c77c).

Problem #1: tilde character looks like a dash when font size is less than 10
Problem #2: semicolon glyph is missing

I’ve entered a bug report here


  1. Download latest files from the source:
  2. Install fontforge
    # pacman -S fontforge
  3. Open Cousine-Regular.ttf in fontforge
  4. Element -> Font Info -> PS Names
  5. Change font name to distinguish it from the ttf-google-webfonts package
    Fontname: CousineRegen
    Family Name: Cousine Regen
    Name of Humans: Cousine Regen
  6. OK -> Change
  7. File -> Generate Fonts -> Truetype -> untick Validate before saving -> Save
  8. Repeat 3-7 for the bold, italic and boldItalic ttf files
  9. Add CousineRegen*.ttf to a directory in your FontPath
  10. Refresh font cache
    # fc-cache -fv

tl;dr: Source ttf fonts provide missing glyph. Regenerating fonts in fontforge fixes tilde character at low fontsizes.

Before vs after: