How to submit builds in AUR

Since i became trusted users i’ve seen in the paste months an increasing number of packages submitted in AUR that are in our official repositories. But i don’t want to talk more about this since there is already a rule in our AUR User Guidelines.

I want to talk what you should do when a buildĀ  already exists in AUR but for a reason needs to be updated and is not yours:

  1. submit in comments an up to date PKGBUILD
  2. if the maintainer doesn’t update it, send him an email
  3. ask the maintainer if he wants to orphan it
  4. send an email to aur-general asking for orphaning

Some user ignore the above and submit a new PKGBUILD with a different name. This in my opinion is the worst thing that can happen since users will be confused and doesn’t know what to use(in the past we had a lot of builds doing the same thing for chromium) and trusted users will have a lot of work trying to clean AUR. A good example is opera which have no more no less than 20 builds.


  1. Agreed. But what about differentiating edge packages from stable ones? Like dropbox, dropbox-experimental and nautilus-dropbox ?

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