gnome 2.30rc hit gnome-unstable repo

Hi guys,

GNOME 2.29.92 packages have been uploaded to the Archlinux FTP. To use this repository, you should add this as top repository to pacman.conf:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

The packages in the repository have been built in a chroot with testing enabled. Dependencies are mostly versioned. Anyone who’s willing to help on spotting potential bugs, please submit them to our bugtracker[1]. We also have a gnome-unstable thread on our forum[2]

Have fun testing these packages.



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  2. [...] novedad que fuera anunciada por wonder en su blog. Para disfrutar de la version Gnome 2.29.92, el procedimiento de instalacion es simple: [...]

  3. Wonder whos awesome says:

    Die horrible GNOME! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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