My favorite pacman 3.4.0 features

I think everybody knows already that yesterday pacman 3.4.0 got released. After only one day, i can  say how awesome it is. The pacman development team really spoil us. ;)

My top features that i  enjoy:

  • repackaging: makepkg -R. Did you remember how did you do when you realized that you forgot to include something in the finale package? Commenting lines from build function and running makepkg -e? Now using an additional package function,  add the desired files and run makepkg -R, without messing with the build.
  • the new architecture  option. I don’t want to remember many times did i managed to install an i686 package on an x86_64 system and noticed only after something was really broken. Now pacman would refuse to install and  an additional flag is need to force it.
  • no more || return 1

What are your favorite features?


  1. Flamelab says:

    I really like the new way of pacman -U dependency handling !

  2. Allan says:

    That “makepkg -R” feature was introduced in pacman-3.3. All pacman-3.4 does is deprecate using “-R” on a PKGBUILD without a package function as the permissions are not guaranteed to stay the same after exiting fakeroot.

  3. Ionut says:

    @Allan then i’m a n00b. i know that was a -R before but i didn’t used at all another package function. Now it made more clear why is needed

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