Linux Action Show – Review Arch

I was waiting this review for about 2 weeks now and i was lucky today. Lurking in the #twil channel, i’ve saw somebody mention that the show is beginning and they would review Arch. I’m saying lucky because is the first time i managed to watch it live.

With me in the #archlinux-tu channel was td123, Bluewind, louipc, CryptoCrack, teiresias, schuay and we started to talk about the show, doing bets and live commenting about what is happening. I said that they would bitch a lot about our python move and in general about our distribution.

Usually i anticipate very well the community reaction but this time i was wrong. Epic fail.

Instead Bryan and Chris  gave us a positive feedback and it seems, we, developers and trusted users, do a pretty damn good job.

Show notes and video


P.S: You know what, stop, don’t use arch!

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  1. sportscliche says:

    But you were right. They DID bitch about python3.

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