GNOME 3.2 beta2 available in gnome-unstable

Howdy gang, long time no see…

As promised multiple times on forums, GNOME 3.2 beta2 was just released and guess what? We got it! Shinier and full of new features, noticeable are gdm’s brand new look, gnome-online-accounts, gnome-contacts, gnome-documents, epiphany web application support, new user menu and better chat integration. Along with that, nautilus received a new file previewer named sushi, feature that I like the most.

To use this new version you need to enable gnome-unstable repository, as top repository to pacman.conf:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Have fun testing these packages. Like always packaging bugs should be reported on our bugtracker, anything else considered bugs should be reported to GNOME bugzilla.

NVIDIA users be aware that xorg-server 1.11 from testing is incompatible with the current nvidia driver, even with IgnoreABI. You can switch to nouveau or add xf86-input-evdev xf86-input-synaptics xorg-server-common xorg-server to Ignorepkg.

Discuss this repo on our forums.


  1. Hooty says:

    Would try it if it wasn’t for my Nvidia card. None the less, it’s being released on the 28th, so I’ll just wait for the final.

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