An era has ended

Since the beginning of the world, trolls has conquered it, with each year passed, the trolls became stronger.

Behold, the greatest era in Arch Linux trolling history has now ended. pacman 4.0 was released last night having package signing.

What’s next? Is there something out there, so powerful, that can be compared with package signing trolls?


  1. karol says:

    You think pacman is better now, huh? IMHO it has degenerated into a mouse-controlled mess:

    Please tell me why do you think wiggling your mouse and doing some other (u)random voo-doo with a cat is an improvement?


  2. dtw says:

    Wow! So, who’s paying Aaron to fly all over the world to verify the identity of everyone signing packages in person?

  3. paulez says:

    I propose next troll to be about debugging packages.

  4. Daniel says:

    It’s trolling-release. ;)

  5. angvp says:

    haha.. haters always gonna hate.. don’t claim victory so fast! :P


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