Adobe are you crazy?!

Today Adobe announced that they are dropping support for NPAPI in linux flashplugin port in favor of using some crazy Pepper API plugin and is Google’s job to maintain the linux port.

Adobe are you crazy?! With this move you are dropping the availability of flashplugin, from a lot of browsers to only ONE(ahem Chrome), browser that cannot be distributed in linux distributions.

As a package maintainer I have some wishes:
2) MOZILLA please step out and add this new, crazy Pepper API since flash is not going anywhere.
3) GOOGLE please do proper releases of flashplugin that can be downloaded and packaged nicely in linux distributions and NOT only as bundled in your Chrome browser. You do know that you have Chromium right?
4) Companies please adopt HTML5 video, clearly Adobe wants to ditch flash.


  1. karol says:

    I’ve read flashplugin 11 will still get updates.

  2. Jroot says:

    I agree completely. Especially with point #1. I was very upset when this popped up in my RSS reader.

  3. alk says:

    5) Increase the quality of lightspark and gnash

  4. plop says:

    They will release and security support (5 years) flash 11.2 for NPAPI. Seems good enough too me (yeah, I am not a fan), _flash is legacy_, youtube and firefox are (mostly) ready *today* for 4).
    6 years from now, flash usage will have decrease because of html5 and iOS, IE10metro (no flash support), android (limited and stuck support) and hopefully gnash/lightspark will be good enough to support legacy stuff.

  5. Archenoth says:

    Yeah, slow response, but I just saw this now…

    I believe Adobe is doing this because they are /deprecating/ Flash. From what I see, Adobe doesn’t like people using Flash that much, they don’t get money from it and it’s probably a pain to maintain since it is an old format created for a time when this kind of media was uncommon, and from there, gradually updated to what it is today. Adobe earns their income from their development tools, things like Photoshop and Flash (Which they have created numerous exporters for, like the infamous iOS packager), and they are working on an HTML5 development studio called “Edge”, as you can see here:

    Apparently HTML5 will probably be the main format that Flash would be able to export to later. I think Adobe wants to still create “the best tools to use”, but don’t really want to maintain the format.

    I presume that this is a first step. To let Google take over the existing plugin would mean that it would be something Google would have to work with, and not them.

  6. archadict says:

    finaly my dream comes true, the #1 cause of FF crashes or the worst pice of software ever written will vanish!!!

  7. Radu says:

    Or Firefox could adopt PPAPI, which is way better than NPAPI.

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