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Code Swarm for community repository

Hi guys,

i just made another video with commits from a whole year and it looks awesome. I’ve used a forked code swarm which had a lot of improvements compared with the original project.

Tools that i used to make this video:

  • code swarm: contains the forked code swarm + the configuration to generate this video (arch.config)
  • kdenlive: even that i exclusively use gnome and I’m a big fan of gnome, kdenlive really rulz
  • the music was chosen by macrobat from #archlinux channel. He was very inspired to chose this particular soundtrack. It fits perfectly. Many thanks again.

Is really nice to see how a project grows every day and how much time we invest in making arch was it is right now.


Video is located here:

My favorite pacman 3.4.0 features

I think everybody knows already that yesterday pacman 3.4.0 got released. After only one day, i can  say how awesome it is. The pacman development team really spoil us. ;)

My top features that i  enjoy:

  • repackaging: makepkg -R. Did you remember how did you do when you realized that you forgot to include something in the finale package? Commenting lines from build function and running makepkg -e? Now using an additional package function,  add the desired files and run makepkg -R, without messing with the build.
  • the new architecture  option. I don’t want to remember many times did i managed to install an i686 package on an x86_64 system and noticed only after something was really broken. Now pacman would refuse to install and  an additional flag is need to force it.
  • no more || return 1

What are your favorite features?

No Google Day

Today i’ll celebrate NO Gooogle Day, since google is making me to  watch some random pictures that i don’t want. I really hope that tomorrow everything is back to normal.

Clarifications about ffmpeg package

I have two points that i want to clarify about our ffmpeg package.

  • the “downgrade” from 30526-1 -> 22511-1 is actually an update, but because my lack of glasses </joke>, i used the wrong revision number when i changed the version schema from a date to revision.
  • don’t mark as out of date this package because 0.5.1 version is released,  don’t do  it even when 0.6 will be released. We don’t follow 0.5 branch and even 0.6 branch. We are following trunk because, as one developer once said,  “packaging yet another, “soon to be outdated” version that is not supported by us is not a good idea.”

gnome 2.30rc hit gnome-unstable repo

Hi guys,

GNOME 2.29.92 packages have been uploaded to the Archlinux FTP. To use this repository, you should add this as top repository to pacman.conf:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

The packages in the repository have been built in a chroot with testing enabled. Dependencies are mostly versioned. Anyone who’s willing to help on spotting potential bugs, please submit them to our bugtracker[1]. We also have a gnome-unstable thread on our forum[2]

Have fun testing these packages.


Attention to pidgin-facebookchat users


I’m going to remove this package from community and move it to aur because Facebook now has support for XMPP, along with it also is moved json-glib.

Severals links that you may be interested:

How to submit builds in AUR

Since i became trusted users i’ve seen in the paste months an increasing number of packages submitted in AUR that are in our official repositories. But i don’t want to talk more about this since there is already a rule in our AUR User Guidelines.

I want to talk what you should do when a build  already exists in AUR but for a reason needs to be updated and is not yours:

  1. submit in comments an up to date PKGBUILD
  2. if the maintainer doesn’t update it, send him an email
  3. ask the maintainer if he wants to orphan it
  4. send an email to aur-general asking for orphaning

Some user ignore the above and submit a new PKGBUILD with a different name. This in my opinion is the worst thing that can happen since users will be confused and doesn’t know what to use(in the past we had a lot of builds doing the same thing for chromium) and trusted users will have a lot of work trying to clean AUR. A good example is opera which have no more no less than 20 builds.

Community-testing repo

Yes, you heard well.

I’ve seen a lot of guys on forum and on irc who had problems because of libpng/libjpeg thingy we have now in testing.

If you are a testing user, don’t forget to enable community-testing as well. The repo is available in pacman.conf, you just have to uncomment it.

About libjpeg/libpng rebuilds


for those of you that follow arch-dev-public mailing list this message should be ignored as this is for those  who plan to update from testing now.

Don’t fill bug reports since the rebuild process is  not finished.

As a side note, most users are using other cairo packages, like cairo-lcd(i do) and other popular patches.  Be sure that you rebuild yourself and reinstall gtk2 after installing the package and don’t submit to our bugtracker.