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Bug Day report

I must say that i like this kind of actions where the community is interacting with developers and trusted users. It reminds me how awesome are our users.

So what happens in a bug day? We join #archlinux-bugs@Freenode and we work together on bugs submitted on our tracker, trying to see if is still valid, writing builds, searching patches and building packages.

Thanks to td123 (he’s our new TU member) who requested to do this action and doing a lot of work in community project, angvp (our new dev member) who did his first contributions in the main repository, Bluewind for directing and building packages along with us, keenerd making a bot that announce all kind of actions about bugs(opening, closing, edit) and everybody else who participated.

We ended up with something like this:

Project At beginning At end Closed
Arch Linux 512 485 27
Community 54 37 17
Pacman 126 126 0
AUR 56 54 2
Release Engineering 62 62 0
Total 810 764 46