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Adobe are you crazy?!

Today Adobe announced that they are dropping support for NPAPI in linux flashplugin port in favor of using some crazy Pepper API plugin and is Google’s job to maintain the linux port.

Adobe are you crazy?! With this move you are dropping the availability of flashplugin, from a lot of browsers to only ONE(ahem Chrome), browser that cannot be distributed in linux distributions.

As a package maintainer I have some wishes:
2) MOZILLA please step out and add this new, crazy Pepper API since flash is not going anywhere.
3) GOOGLE please do proper releases of flashplugin that can be downloaded and packaged nicely in linux distributions and NOT only as bundled in your Chrome browser. You do know that you have Chromium right?
4) Companies please adopt HTML5 video, clearly Adobe wants to ditch flash.

No Google Day

Today i’ll celebrate NO Gooogle Day, since google is making me to¬† watch some random pictures that i don’t want. I really hope that tomorrow everything is back to normal.