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An era has ended

Since the beginning of the world, trolls has conquered it, with each year passed, the trolls became stronger.

Behold, the greatest era in Arch Linux trolling history has now ended. pacman 4.0 was released last night having package signing.

What’s next? Is there something out there, so powerful, that can be compared with package signing trolls?

My favorite pacman 3.4.0 features

I think everybody knows already that yesterday pacman 3.4.0 got released. After only one day, i can  say how awesome it is. The pacman development team really spoil us. ;)

My top features that i  enjoy:

  • repackaging: makepkg -R. Did you remember how did you do when you realized that you forgot to include something in the finale package? Commenting lines from build function and running makepkg -e? Now using an additional package function,  add the desired files and run makepkg -R, without messing with the build.
  • the new architecture  option. I don’t want to remember many times did i managed to install an i686 package on an x86_64 system and noticed only after something was really broken. Now pacman would refuse to install and  an additional flag is need to force it.
  • no more || return 1

What are your favorite features?